Organize your time well
 Look over everything that you have and take the opportunity to get rid of things that you know you really don’t need
 On the date of the move, try to have a parking space for the truck next to your place. Let the mover know ahead of time if there is any restriction on parking the truck next to your place.
 Make sure that the chosen move date doesn’t conflict with other responsibilities.
 Transport your own personal documents, jewelry, or items of financial or sentimental values.
Defrost your refrigerator a day before the move by opening the doors to prevent the growth of any mold.
 Label your boxes according to where they should go.
Put a note “Not to move” on the objects that are staying.
In case you are not there on the day of the move, have someone that you trust to be present.
Call your cable company, gas and electricity service and phone service to disconnect and transfer the service to your new home
Inform the following of your new address ahead of time:
Your bank
Credit card company
Gym or any other activity
Your contractual magazine, newspaper, etc
Your health insurance

useful personal tips
useful personal tips