Top-Rated Los Gatos Moving Company

We have been the faster, sharper and more loyal movers over the past few years in the Bay Area. We have created a buzz for all the good reasons. Our team always get positive ratings from our customers at online review sites. California Loyal Movers specializes in commercial and residential moves, loading/unloading and packing services. We have meticulous packers and movers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you are an executive or a student or a small family on a budget, California Loyal Movers can move your belongings as per your needs and budget. You decide what is more important to you and our experts can get it done.

Moving to or from Los Gatos? Here’s why you should choose us.

Safety Assurance
Our company guarantees that your belonging will be safe. We pack them with extra cautions and more cushion

24/7 customer service
We have built our business with repeat callers and referrals thanks to our best in class customer service.

Last Moment Move
If you are planning for a last-minute move, we can do everything possible to make it work.

Expert Movers
Our team is trusted as reliable Los Gatos Movers. We are Highly Professional and masters of the works.

GPS-enabled trucks
All our trucks are enabled with GPS. This way, you can have a real-time track of your household items during the move.

California Loyal Movers – Your Loyal Movers in Los Gatos

Only a few people know about Los Gatos, who live outside California. It is the 33rd richest city in the country. Los Gatos is located just in Silicon Valley on the southernmost of Santa Clara County and is conveniently located in San Francisco.

Protection equipment we use

Shrinkwrap – It is a material like a plastic wrap used for added protection of light-colored furniture.

Carpet mask -It is made of plastic which is a sticky underside for added protection of new and light-colored carpet.

Mattress bags – It is basically used to store mattresses for added protection.

Our team is our strength

At California Loyal Lovers, we have an excellent and efficient team of movers who can move not only your boxes. We can go far and beyond to offer stress-free move and

  • We always show up on time
  • We pay attention to every detail
  • Open and honest about rates
  • Manage your things like our own

Here’s what you can expect with us

The fleet of vehicles – We have a huge fleet of vehicles ranging from 17 to 26 ft trucks. They have ramps and lift gates. We also have pickup trucks and flatbeds for shuttling. We can arrange for the right size of the truck for your moving job based on details provided by you.

Wardrobe boxes – We also offer wardrobe boxes for free on the day of the move. You can put the clothes on the hanger on these boxes and they can be unloaded into the closet directly at the new home.

Moving supplies – All our moving trucks are backed with bands, straps, 2-way dollies, 4-way dollies, and pads/blankets.

Loading and unloading – Our Los Gatos movers are capable to load and unload heavy furniture and appliances like TV, refrigerator, washing machine, beds, china cabinets, piano, etc.

Packing and Unpacking – You may rely on us for packing only selected rooms or the whole house. We can also unpack the boxes and arrange the items on the counter. You can schedule unpacking the way you like. We can work with you to unpack your delivery boxes while keeping things away. We can also unpack just specific rooms or the whole house as you like.

Plan Your Next Move With Us?

Relocation is all about possibility and a fresh start. It is both exciting and frustrating, for the most part. But Los Gatos Movers are here to make the process as positive and as fun as possible. Feel free to call us if you are searching for trusted and reliable movers in Los Gatos because we can handle all sizes of moving jobs.