Use all spaces of the box. If you don’t they will crunch and once the movers load in the truck, it might interfere on loading, they will also move around, and the chances on damage will increase.
 There are appropriate sizes for each item.
 Use small boxes to pack bulk items like books.
Larger boxes to pack linens and clothes, items that are not heavy but do take space.
  Dish packs for glassware and in between use popcorns, white paper and make sure to pack each glass individually wrapped with bubble wrap or white paper.
Use your judgment in the amount of glass, dishes in each dish pack box.
 For any empty space in the box, fill it up with white paper or popcorn.
Use bubble wrap for fragile items, mirrors and pictures.
Make a list for each box of what it has, so it becomes easier to unpack at your new home.
Mark the boxes that are fragile for sensitive items or sentimental.
Mark each box where it goes in the new home.
Use stickers and make a list.
Don’t box articles that absolve heat such as vinyl, cds, tapes, candles. Bring them separately with you.
Don’t put a lot of weight in one box, it will be hard to carry and it can break.
Wrap each article separately; the more fragile ones wrap it twice.

packing tips