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Moves that are done within 100 miles from origin to destination. These types of moves are charged by the hour. We have a 3 hours minimum for each job. Also there will be a double charge travel time when the distance from origin to destination is more than ten miles.

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Our Services includes

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  •  Door-to-door service.
  •  Loading & unloading
  •  Disassembling and reassembling of your furniture.
  •  Free wrapping of furniture with pads. Pads will not protect fragile items like glass or TV.
  •  Free use of wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes
  •  Free use of plastic bins for miscellaneous
  •  Includes: Mileage, tax and toll charges.
  •  Your free basic valuation coverage is $0.60 per pound per article. Additional full coverage insurance can be purchased up to 48 hours prior to the move date.
  •  The total cost is based on actual time taken

Maximum Capacity For A 24ft Truck(Bob Tail Truck) Is 10,000lb Or 1,400cuft. These Normally Is A Full Capacity For A 3 Bedroom Move. If You Have A 4 Bedroom And Above You Can Count That Your Move Will Need A Second Trip, Or Have 2 Bob Tail Trucks If The Distance Is Longer.

Average time for completing the jobs:

  • 1 bedroom move: 3-4 hours of labor
  •  2 bedroom move: 5-6 hours of labor
  •  3 bedroom move: 7-8 hours of labor
  •  4 bedroom move: 8-10 hours of labor
local movers