Choose a Mover

Our advices for you

  • Chose a company who has a clean record with the DOT and the PUC.
  • Your mover must be registered, licensed and insured.
  • Chose a company because of its quality and focus on total price and not just on price per hour
  • Communicate in details to your moving consultant your needs and make sure that they are all met.
  • Have a written guarantee quote after a visual estimate and not just over the phone.
  • Chose a local mover and watch out for brokers or out of state movers that can sell out your job to another contractor.
  • What are the extra charges? Is gasoline, mileage, stairs, long hauls included? If not what are the extra charge?
  • What does my price includes? Does it included packing of my entire home meaning all my furniture, big items and all the miscellaneous such as kitchen utensils, lines, books, etc. Or does it mean it is extra charge to pack my small items? If so how much? Definitely have a visual estimate before any decisions.
  • There are always options. Full and partial packing of your home?
  • Cost effective is always when you pack your miscellaneous ahead so when the movers arrive on the move date all is prepared and ready to go.
  • Miscellaneous that are not packed by you, will be packed by the movers and will be extra charge. Have it a guarantee quote. Watch out for any hidden charges
  • Free on site evaluation available for you. Get in contact with us today. We will be glad to visit your home at no cost and see what you have and give you a guarantee quote