Long distance moves:

Moves that are done when the distance from origin to destination is more than 100 miles. These moves are charged by cubic feet or by the weight. We have a minimum amount that is charged. Trucks are weighted before going to your house and then will be weighted right after is loaded. Each job should be weighted individually. Jobs are consolidated. There is a time window for delivery for each job and depending on the state the window can be longer.

Our Services includes:

1. Door-to-door service.
2. Loading & unloading
3. Disassembling and reassembling of your furniture.
4. Free wrapping of furniture with pads. Pads will not protect fragile items like glass or TV.
5. Includes: Mileage, tax and toll charges.
6. Your free basic valuation coverage is $0.60 per pound per article. Additional full coverage insurance can be purchased up to 48 hours prior to the move date.
7. The total cost is based on actual weight

Weight calculation Guideline

Number of Rooms
Weight in LBS

Studio or 1 bedroom apartment

2,000 Lbs.


Large Apartment or A small Home

5,000 Lbs.


Small Home with 2-4 Rooms

7,500 Lbs.


Average Home with 5-7 Rooms

10,000 Lbs.


Large Home with 7-9 Rooms

15,0000 Lbs.


Very Large Homes

20,000 Lbs.


Exclusive Moves:

For states nearby like Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and all over California, we offer right away deliveries.
Exclusive moves, disregard the weight, flat price-next or second day delivery.
Convenient and fast.